Your First Swedish Massage

Searching for a massage therapist can be a daunting task. To make your search a little easier, you may want to look for registered massage therapists in your area first to make showing up for your appointments easier and problem free. Try searching online, in the newspaper, yellow pages or ask a family member or friend to refer you.

When looking for a therapist, be sure to find out their exact location, services they offer and their prices in the initial communication. It is recommended to compare the costs of at least three therapists in your area. Generally, a 1 hour massage can be anywhere from $75 – $85 plus tax per hour. This may change depending on acquired skills, location and years of practice.

Once you arrive at the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a health history and consent form. Make sure you arrive a few minutes earlier than the start of your appointment to be sure you receive your full treatment. Once completed, your therapist will guide you into the treatment room and begin to review your health history in detail. This is to ensure they have all the information they need to assess your specific concerns and treat them accordingly.Your first treatment will include the health history review and assessment in the time frame booked. Your next treatment will not include the assessment unless there has been a change in your health history.

Next, your therapist will create a treatment plan that addresses your expressed concerns and will explain to you how this treatment will be given and what the desired outcome will be once this treatment plan is complete. You should also be informed of any consequences from getting treatment and any possible side effects you may experience from receiving massage therapy treatment. You should also be told what you may experience if you decide against receiving the proposed treatment.

Once you have given your written and verbal consent to your therapist, they will instruct you on how to dress appropriately for your treatment and explain to you how to safely get on the table. You should also be informed of your right to stop or modify the treatment or your consent at any time.

Treatment may start with light rocking or gentle palming to press out any built up tension. The therapist may also use techniques such as trigger point therapy, fascial spreading,  joint mobilizations or frictioning. These techniques are used to release adhesion’s that are buried in the deeper layers of the soft tissues or joints. Once your treatment has begun, you should be in contact with your therapist throughout the treatment, letting her know if you feel discomfort or you wish to modify the treatment in any way. This helps the therapist make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Oil may be used to allow the therapist’s hands to glide easily along the skin and to apply specific techniques that help flush out the build up of toxins trapped in the tissues. The oil will most likely absorb into your skin and is usually a non-staining, unscented brand. Any clothes you leave on will be covered by the sheet so there is no worry of staining them.

Specific issues discussed in the assessment will be addressed throughout the treatment pending time. Be sure to tell your therapist which areas are of the greatest concern a the beginning of each treatment so you will never leave feeling the important areas are left untreated.

Once the treatment is complete, your therapist will let you know your treatment is over and that she is leaving the room so you can get up and change. She will ask you to get up slowly off the table and change. Be careful not to get up too quick, as occasionally some people feel lightheaded after a massage. Once you have changed, your therapist will meet you outside the room to provide you with further instructions. These instructions can be remedial exercise, hydrotherapy, or other recommendations that will further assist in fulfilling your treatment desires. At this point, your therapist will recommend the frequency and duration of your next proposed treatment.

Your treatment is now complete. Don’t forget to book your next appointment before you leave to ensure you get the date and time you want.

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