Thai Yoga Massage

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai yoga massage is a unique style of massage based on the principles of compassion. It consists of many techniques such a leaning pressure, reflexology, energy line work, blood stopping, stretching and yoga. Therapists use many parts of their body when performing Thai massage such as palms, thumbs, feet, elbows, forearms and knees. The receiver is moved through a wide variety of postures that can be safely modified to be as gentle or intense to suit the clients needs. Clients can be either lying on their back (supine), stomach (prone), on their side, inverted or seated. The work is done on a mat on the floor with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing.


Thai yoga massage is based on yoga and Ayurveda healing principles dating back over 2,500 years. It originated in India with the spread of Buddhism, to Southeast Asia and then to Thailand. The founding father, Juvaka Kumarbhaccha, was a celebrated yogi and Ayurvedic doctor who introduced, practiced and taught Thai massage techniques and customs in Thailand. Over the past decade, an increasing amount of Westerners have traveled to Thailand to learn this beautiful unique art to develop a healing fusion of cultures to be taught around the world.


Improves movement of physical, spiritual and mental energy by releasing blockages in the energy lines

Helps heal muscle injuries, imbalances and pain

Improves joint flexibility and range of motion

Improves appetite and eases digestive upset and dysfunction

Slows the aging process and degeneration of soft tissue and joints

Reduces acute and chronic inflammation

Boosts the immune system

Improves the flow of blood and lymph circulation

Lowers blood pressure

Encourages relaxation by preventing and alleviating stress and anxiety

Eases menstrual cramps and associated pain

Calms the mind, improves concentration and encourages positive thinking

Calms and prevents migraines and headaches

Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders

Calms respiratory dysfunction and pain


How does it work?

The goal of Thai massage is to manipulate and stimulate the energy lines that run through the body. In doing this, we can release the blocked energy and allow it to flow smoothly again, thereby stimulating all of the systems of the body, encouraging each system to function at an optimal level.  After a Thai massage you may feel taller, lighter, stronger, healthier and clear minded. You may also  experience an overall sense of well-being and a boost of energy that is not usually felt with other types of massages.

To book a Thai yoga massage at Therapeutic Delight, click here.

All Thai Yoga Massage massage treatments at Therapeutic Delight are performed by Lana Cummings, a Registered Massage Therapist and can be claimed under extended health benefits as massage therapy.


Please check out the Thai Stem Massage Course that you can learn online, at home in your spare time.


  1. punemassage says:

    Thai Massage is one of the best way to heal yourself and fit your lower part of body. Today massage is well known word in World everyone is doing it to get fit and healthy. In massage there are many forms in which Thai massage is also a one form.

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  2. Tracy says:

    I can’t wait for my next thai massage!!!

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