Acne & Pregnancy: A Natural Solution


Acne. We’ve all experienced. We all hate it. This common skin condition is every teenagers worst nightmare. It’s painful, irritating and hard to get rid of. Not to mention it can completely obliterate any chances of a social life for the pubescent teen and can even reflect into adulthood. At puberty, the body experiences many [...]

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Herbal Compress Benefits


Body Ball Ingredients & Their Healing Benefits Ingredients: Plai, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime (leaves & peel), Tamarind leaves, Sweet flag/Calamus (root & leaves), Somboil (leaves), Jeng leaves, Wannangkam (root), Taoenon, Galangal, Citronella and Camphor powder. Plai (from the ginger family) Immunity: prevents sickness, colds, flu Circulation: promotes blood circulation, bring O2 to the brain and [...]

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Chatelaine Blog – Yoga Pilates Conference & Show 2009

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Therapeutic Delight was featured in a blog post by Chatelaine.–yoga-pilates-conference-show

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