Herbal Bronchitis Treatment


There are two types of bronchitis: acute and chronic. Acute symptoms appear when one aquires either a viral or bacterial infection which can consist of shortness of breath, wheezing and an expectorant cough. Other symptoms may consist of fever, chest pains, fatigue and excess mucus production. Chronic bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchi in the [...]

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Homemade Herbal Eye Mask


Although they are aesthetically unpleasant, dark circles are medically nothing to be concerned with. Heredity, allergies, and certain medications are known to cause these heavy, tired looking eyes. Puffiness can be the result of fluid retention, allergies, and hormones. Eating salty foods, or drinking excess water before bed can increase the fluid around your eyes [...]

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Top 5 Ailments – Herbal Pain Remedies using the Thai Herbal Compress

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Condition #1 – Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) Description: Common to 85% of Americans; “wear & tear” disease; break down of joint articular cartilage; possible formation of bony spurs that restrict joint movement and promote inflammation; affects joints of the neck, low back, fingers, knees, knuckles and hips. Symptom: Pain & stiffness, creptius (crunching noise with movement of [...]

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Uses for the Herbal Compress


Today, this superior treatment is still practiced around the world in various forms and uses. The most common way to use a compress is to steam it and apply to the body. This allows the pores to open and the herbs to be easily taken in through the skin. The heat from the pouch also [...]

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Thai Massage Tips with the Thai Herbal Compress


Temperature Steam ball in steamer unit for 5-6 minutes or until hot Remove with towel or oven mitt Test ball temperature on your hand or inner arm before using on receiver Transfer heat to hand 1st then to receiver Use short quick strokes with hot compress Apply longer deeper pressure with warm or compress that [...]

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