How To Use The Thai Herbal Compress

Body Ball Luk-Pra-Kob (Thai Hot Stem)

To heat the compress, steam it either in a food steamer (any kind will do, including the stove top method, as long as the ball fits in it), rice cooker or slow cooker/crock pot. It’s best to use an inner tray or small smooth stones on the bottom to keep it from sitting directly in the water.The body ball is recommended to be used hot although it can also be stored in the freezer and used on inflamed joints or injuries for acute flare-ups.

First, prepare the steamer by filling it with water. Take the body ball out of the packaging and tap it in your hand to loosen up the herbs. Then splash water on the ball (do not soak, just use enough to wet the surface). This will allow the ball to stay warmer longer and activate the herbs. Add the ball to the steamer and close the lid. Turn on the steamer to high if the settings are available. The ball should be hot in 3-5 mins at the high setting. When removing the ball from the steamer use oven mitts or a thick hand towel. Caution -the compress will be HOT!

Before applying the ball to the body, test it on your inner arm. Sometimes the stem will be warmer than the ball but always check with your client as soon as you apply the ball to the body. The ball can be applied through the clothes or directly on the skin. If using the ball to help with infection (such as chest infections or bites), it is recommended that you only use one body ball per person as infection may transfer from person to person.

Tap, pound, roll, twist, spread or dab the ball to the body. Each area may require different techniques so keep in touch with your client to find out which one feels best. As the ball starts to feel cool, place it back in the steamer. At this point you can remove the second ball or if you only have one, you can massage that area with your hands using Thai hacking or apply oil and use basic massage techniques. The ball will only take a minute or two to reheat.

Once finished with the body ball, keep out of packaging until COMPLETELY dry. This might mean leaving it over night. When cool and dry, package it in a plastic container wrapped in a towel and keep in a cool, dry place. If you prefer, store it in a sealed brown bag and keep it in the fridge or freezer. By keeping it in the freezer, you may use it to apply to acute injuries when needed.

This ball may be used up to 5 times depending on frequency and intensity of use. Generally, it will last longer if two are used for each treatment instead of one.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the Thai Herbal Compress, click here.

Coco-Ma-Prao & Sesame Solace

These are prepared hot, the same as the body ball. The coconut ball might be a little more stiff than the other when taken out of the package. Roll it, tap it, or press it into your hands to loosen up the coconut then follow the directions above to steam it.

To give a head or face massage with only one ball, turn the clients face away from the side you are working on and use your finger tips around their ear, jaw, temples and head while waiting for the ball to re-heat.

Store this ball the same as the Luk-Pra-Kob above.

This ball may be used up to 5 times depending on frequency and intensity of use. It is recommended to use two per treatment.


This wonderful cold compress is a delight for people who experience inflamed, irritated skin such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. During a flare up is the best time to use this ball.

It is recommended that the skin be gently cleaned before applying the ball to allow many uses of the ball in the future and to ensure absorption of the herbs. Make sure you use this ball directly on the skin as the cool temperature and clay will soothe the inflammation and the herbs will help repair the skin and surrounding tissues.

To prepare the cool-si-laa, remove from the package and gently roll the ball in your fingers to break up the white clay and loosen the herbs. It might be valuable to steam the ball before use to activate the herbs. Once steamed, place the ball into a bowl of cold water and ice. Leave it to cool until the ball is soaked through; as best as you can tell. Hold it in your hand first before applying it to the skin to test the immediate temperature.

Apply the ball to the skin directly on the inflamed area. Do not use this ball hot as it will create more inflammation and irritation to the above mentioned skin conditions. A warm compress, such as the sesame solace may be used in between flare ups to help repair the skin and prevent break outs.

This ball is recommended to be used 3-5 times depending on type of condition being used for and if skin is clean before use.

General Information

For more information on how to use the body ball in a certified full body massage treatment, please click here.

Please check out how to make a home-made poultice for more information on how to use the herbs from the pouch after its last use. (This should not be done with herbs that were used to draw out toxins or infection) If you are finished with your body ball but it still smells good and has been stored properly you may use the ball one last time in a bath or keep it hanging from your shower curtain to allow steam to activate the herbs while you bathe.

All balls have an expiry of 6 months if stored and used properly. A shelf life of 2 year applies to balls that are kept in vacuum sealed packages with moisture packets.


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