Top 10 Herbs used in a Herbal Compress


CAMPHOR EUCALYPTUS GINGER ROOT JASMINE KAFFIR LIME LEMONGRASS PEPPERMINT PRAI TAMARIND TURMERIC Herb Properties Taste Application Camphor Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic antitussive, bronchodialator, cardiac, diaphoretic, expectorant, pectoral, sedative, stimulant Hot, aromatic Thai saunas, decongestant inhaled to treat colds, congestion, sore throat, cough bronchitis, and sinusitis, blocked menstruation, eye infections, fevers, typhoid, and lung infections. [...]

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Definitions of Herbal Properties


Herbal properties and their benefits are explained below. Analgesic – decrease symptoms of pain Anti-allergic – decrease symptoms from allergies Anti-emetic – decrease symptoms of nausea & vomiting Anti-fungal -prevents and treats fungal infections Anti-infectious -prevents and treats infections Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation and swelling Anti-oxidant – detoxify and improve immune function (vit A&C) Anti-pruritic [...]

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Thai Stem Massage Products – History


The typical Thai herbal compress houses traditional herbs from the gardens of Thailand. These herbs have both medicinal and aesthetic uses. The herbs are taken into the body either topically or by inhalation. The unique drawing properties of each hand picked herb allow for removal of toxins, causing an immediate decrease of inflammation and pain. [...]

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How To Make A Home Made Poultice


Materials Needed: clean cotton cloth, gauze, or cheesecloth spare wool or flannel fabric dried herbs of choice (see Top 10 list for suggestions) cellophane gauze wrap/tape heating unit (stove or microwave) freezer bag heat source (microwave rice bag, electric heat pad, hot water bottle) Step 1: Clean the effected area Step 2: Cut a piece [...]

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Uses for the Herbal Compress


Today, this superior treatment is still practiced around the world in various forms and uses. The most common way to use a compress is to steam it and apply to the body. This allows the pores to open and the herbs to be easily taken in through the skin. The heat from the pouch also [...]

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